More shopping!

Hello world. I’m amazed at how i was able to stay off the the laptop for almost 48 hours! But sleep was more important- was shagged before teaching, as well as after.

I announced to all my students that it was my last time teaching them the next time i see them. I didn’t want to, but the studio distributed a note to notify the parents, so i might as well anyway. Sigh. I feel kinda sad now. But oh well. It’s a very bittersweet thing for me. I think it’ll be worse when next Saturday comes…

Went shopping today with the family. I wanted to buy the Kate Spade Bon Mot Mon bag, but alas it was not meant to be. So somehow, i managed to spend that $200 odd on many other things, such as 2 Hello Kitty perfumes, a Burt’s Bees lip shimmer, an Esprit top, 1 Mango bag, and 6 pieces of clothing. Everything for $200 odd is really quite deal, but it’s really cos’ of GSS and the wholesale pricing of the 6 pieces of clothing. At Kinokuniya, i bought 3 boxes of flashcards- Pathology, Pharmacology and Anatomy & Physiology. That plus Dr Max Pemberton’s new book and Dance Magazine!!! Totall regret not checking the Pathology flashcards properly- i think i may want to get it exchanged because it’s totally not something that i’d expected. 😦

Photos as usual, will come later.

I realised i have so much to do this week. *aargh* Study, practise, bake, get laptop repaired, go down to the hospital twice for bloodwork and rheumy visit, baking, project meeting, pack room, riding lesson, meet up with friends etc… DIE. Studying takes precedence over everything, but i have to make it as such, if not i’ll never get any studying done. *grr* I HATE HATE HATE last-minute studying and all that lost sleep just to cram everything. Barring the fact that that actually worked and gave me all As, it’s very detrimental to my health and my sanity. *boo*

Bruises are UGLY to the max!!! Gross shit!!!


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