Some progress…

Though i slept at some 4am last night, i managed to wake up before noon today. Amazing. But i did take many naps today. By many, i mean i took some 5-6 naps through the course of the day. I feel so dumb. Haha!!!

I managed to start a little revision- only managed to complete Gerontology. *sigh* I wanted to start baking today, but alas i didn’t because we didn’t buy any baking supplies. 😦 I did my laundry though, and waxed my legs. HAHA. I’m such a hairy monkey, it’s GROSS. *eek* I can’t stand it.

I love SOUP! Mum cooked a huge pot of soup today, and i love love love it!!! I’m aptly called the ‘soup bucket’ because i can usually polish off soup, even in litres! 🙂 It was just so wholesome and hearty… *mmm* Good soup makes my day, but it also bloats me and makes me run to the washroom ever so often.

I need to pack my room tonight before i sleep. Don’t know if i should spend the time to go down to HP to get my laptop checked out. *sigh* Anyhow, bloodwork tomorrow too, and dinner with the ‘adults’. STUDY STUDY STUDY steph!!! And oh yes. I need to get slides done, and the video edited and pieced together. Too many things, too little time.

Day 6 of HK bow tattoo. The scabbing is coming off very gently already! It’s such a low maintenance because of the size and location, so unlike Kate & Maree! 🙂 Excited to see how it actually turns out on my skin!

Don’t know what’s up with this posterior knee pain i’m having from time to time. Quite positive that it’s soft tissue and not the synovium. *hmm* Gotta do some reading to see what exactly it is…


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