I survived the 3 day exam ordeal. Actually, we all came out alive. Just a matter of how much damage points we’ve hit.

Realised i didn’t talk about the papers. The papers were… Fine… The 1st paper was bad in a sense that the questions were not properly set, and many of the questions had answers that were debatable. That said, it might just have been my inability to comprehend the sentence structures used, as well as the absurd answer choices offered. The 2nd paper was much better, even though i spent lesser time studying for it. It was straightforward and less painful. Stark contrast to the previous paper. The 3rd paper, which was today’s paper, was so-so. I studied the least for this. For some 4-6 hours, compared to the 8-10 hours for the other 2. Felt the rush of the short 1 hour limit. I think i did ok. Maybe a little less than mediocre, but not good. 1 more theory test to go for this week!

Training was. Ok. I was extremely mortified at what i said today, and i assure myself and everyone else that i’ll never mention taboo/pantang words again!!!

It’s official. Writing induced inflammation of my R5 MCP. I thought it would go away, but it didn’t. It’s actually swollen, minus the redness and warmth. *pfft* New kid on the block!

Stiffness and achiness still predominate in my hips and knees. *gah* Sitting is such a pain in the ass. And i thought i was done to death with the post-MTX flares as it’s been almost  good 3 months since i restarted on MTX. Apparently not. Good job, MTX.

Gonna get some good sleep and school’s back to normal tomorrow. *sigh*


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