3 weeks to go!

Alright. I’m done with a crazy week. 3 exams and 1 test down. 1 skill assessment, 2 presentations and 1 FYP implementation to go. That is, 3 more hellish weeks to face. *sigh*

I didn’t sleep much the past week. Evidently, it is due to my last-minute mugging. I tried to make up for the sleep debt by sleeping in til 1pm today. Plus, i can finally enjoy my Saturdays off!!! I’ll sleep more again tonight to replenish the sleep. 🙂

I went for my bike lesson with bro and his friend again on Thursday, and we just can’t seem to progress on. Sadded! I dropped my bike once, and recovered it twice before it fell to the ground. A 200kg bike is DAMN HEAVY ok!!! My arms are all aching!!! But anyhow, bike lessons are fun fun fun!!! 🙂

Think i’m plagued with another cold again. Been having odonyphagia once again, cough and runny/blocked nose again. It’s been like the 3rd of 4th in 2 months, which isn’t too good seeing that i seldom fall sick and use to get the cold only twice a year. Damned. I don’t know what it signifies, especially with the medications i’m on, but it sucks. *pfft* No steroids this time because i’m having rather bad ulcers to go along with it. Too heaty maybe?

New thumb joints involvement. Ought to stop cracking those thumbs to exacerbate them!!!


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