Malaise killed my day

I made a wrong move with my MTX dosing- the 2nd time in several weeks. 😦 The other time, i took it in the morning and it made me feel sick the whole day. This time, i took it at an unearthly hour at 2am+ with food in my tummy(though ideally it should be empty). When i woke up, i was overwhelmed with both fatigue and nausea. I think it was more of malaise? *bleah* All i know was that it killed my whole Monday. Empty stomach cannot. Eat liao also cannot. Buay tahan la… It’s worse when i have to stay up through lectures. Was such pure torture. It’s been more than 12hrs since the onset and i’m not getting any relief. Gah. To say that i feel like dying is an overstatement actually, but it’s damn awful. Go away please malaise!!!

I honestly can’t recall how i managed my MTX dosing previously. I seem to be having more problems with them now than ever. My 4th year on it and i’m only having problems now? Sheesh. You are dumb, Steph. 😛 Trial and error again i guess!!!

I had my 4th bike lesson for Lesson 1, and we finally passed!!! WOOTS!!! I fell again, but totally unhurt because it was a slooooooooow descent to the ground. I was fighting to keep the bike up, but it fell nevertheless, catching my left leg along with it. But all’s well! 🙂 We can finally move on! Happy! 🙂

Trepidation again. Disaster looms, and Friday will be my judgement day. *sigh* I cannot afford to fail it at all.


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