Being inconsiderate

I get peeved by many things, and i can say that many of these are inconsiderate acts that i see or experience once i step out of the house. They are minor issues, but it goes a lot to say about a person’s consideration for others.

Acts include not getting out of the seat in the bus when someone inside wants to get out but instead pivots on the ass and expecting the person to be able to get out, walking slowly as a couple/group on a walkway/escalator and causing a massive human jam behind them, expecting vehicles to wait for you to cross when it’s the vehicle’s right of way, standing on the right side of the MRT escalator, not moving in in the train/bus, or even simple things like littering, smoking, spitting and dragging of feet.

I don’t know why it only dawned upon me now, but i think i know why people are inconsiderate.

Inconsiderate people are essentially very selfish and egotistical people. They have only they and they themselves in their minds, without a care for people around them. So to speak, they lose the bigger picture, and do what they want, whenever they want, just as long as it makes them happy.

“I want to cross this road, and i want to cross it now. Who cares about the busload full of people.”

“I don’t feel like moving to the rear because it will make it very inconvenient for myself to get off.”

“I’m damn lazy la. So i think i’ll just pivot myself outwards so the person can get out. But hor, the person shouldn’t whack me with their bag.”

Me, myself and I. That’s the whole point isn’t it? No one else matters.

If only people would look around once they’re out, and think about how their actions affect others, and how the same actions by others would also affect them.

Today, i sat on the train with a guy next to me who opened his legs so wide he looked like he want to get fucked. Seriously. And his leg invaded into my space througout the 35 minutes ride. Classic example of how a guy can be a social retard.


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