Day by day

It’s really good sometimes to live a day at a time. Especially in trying times, when you get daunted and overwhelmed by upcoming difficulties and obstacles. It makes life so much better- it’s indeed easier to live and breathe.

I’m not saying that school is especially trying now. It’s just that everytime our 2 week break is over, we got flooded with so many things. The most nerve-wrecking of it all being skills assessment, which can either make or break you. It takes sheer effort just to get through the 4 weeks unscathed and alive. Sadly, i have only learnt to cope with such a difficult period in my last semester in school.

Next hurdle, skills assessment on Friday. I cannot say how i’d fare, but there is every possibility of failure. It is real, and i am scared. I’m not panicking yet. Maybe tomorrow. But everytime there’s assessment, i become a total wreck, only to relax a little when the assessment starts proper. *sigh* I need to come through this safely…

Training was great today. It was kinda fun and it engaged the use of our heads, somehow or another. Quite refreshing in the midst of the flurry of school activities as the semester is coming to a close. 🙂


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