Oh happy day!

Turns out that i emerged out of my skill assessment relatively unscathed. Actually, i took something out of it. So it was in a way a learning experience, rather than a test which signals the termination of learning skills in school(since we will no longer be having any such module).

I always become a nervous wreck when i have to be assessed on skills. It’s been like that for all 5 of our skill modules, as well as for WSS. It’s like the panic button gets pushed, except that i’m not so much into a state of panic. Almost there though… Recently, i know i’m really nervous when the radial nerves that run down my arms tingle and shoot pain signals down towards my hands.

But somehow, i managed to cope with the nervousness better than i usually do. Progress!!! I guess i let things be, and i told myself that i cannot control externals factors(like the possibility of getting anal/unreasonable assessors). I could really only do what i can, and do it well. To say it simply, HECK LA. I was managing my expectations by thinking i’d do badly or fail, which is the worse case scenario, and can be very real. So all i kept saying was that i’d die if i failed. Haha… I do reckon however, that WSS trainings have helped me in performing my skills, communicating, and calming those nerves!!! 🙂

I picked the scenario with the Glasgow Coma Scale(neurological assessment) and the Tracheostomy Suctioning. My assessor was my previous skill module lab tutor, who was too kind to me. I made sure i demonstrated what i knew, and concealed anything that was lacking(if there was any; abit like fake it till uou make it). Of course i did what i do ‘best’- communicate!!! Haha!!! I always believe that if you communicate well to your patient, and be patient-centred, you’ll almost be sure to score good brownie points. It’s not only to score good marks in assessments, but also to build rapport and win over the trust of your real patients, and then be able to care for them wholly. 🙂

I was given a good evaluation despite a couple of slip-ups here and there. As i said, my assessor was too kind. Too kind for my own good.

Now that it’s over, i have gotten a GINORMOUS load off my mind, and i can finally breathe easily. So to reward myself, i went to Sephora and bought another Hello Kitty perfume which comes with a bow necklace. I also bought a MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Petticoat, which apparently was launched locally only this morning. The new shades launched are selling out fast!!! I actually bought the MAC compact to redeem a $40 Sephora voucher, since i was already accumulating receipts and was shy of about $40. Yay!!! I’m happy!!!

I got my hair cut at Kimage Prestige on impulse because i really needed a hair cut badly. The sides and back got too long(and by long i mean only about 3/4 inch past my ear). Hah!!! It’s short now, but a little too short! 😦 I’ll see how it goes over the weekend.

On the way home on the bus now… Watching Eclipse with dadmumbro later at night. Oh happy day!!!


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