RA Progress

I haven’t updated much about my RA progress.

Yes i used the word progress because there is indeed progress. Thinking back, it must have already been 4 weeks since the disease activity owered significantly. I don’t get much flares anymore, save for the occasional post-MTX flare. Some joints act up here and there, but they wax and wane a lot. I can totally live with that. I had trouble with stiffness and aches with inactivity last week(due to the long periods of sitting whilst studying). But this has also significantly improved. It’s not gone- just better.

If this is not progress, i don’t know what is!!! 🙂 Things will only look better from now on hopefully!!!

On the other hand, i am falling back on HCQ compliance AGAIN. Terrible terrible. And, i haven’t been lamenting about the hair loss due to Arava because the hair loss seems less pronounced. But lo and behold… When i got my hair cut today, the hairstylist did mention that my hair is very fine, and i seem to be ‘balding’ with a receding hairline and a sparse crown. *bleah* No wonder i look so fucking stupid when i pin my fringe up for training, assessment or ballet class.

Ok. I’m vain and superficial. Whatever. Arava and MTX are so mean to me. *hmph*


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