Productive Sunday

Ooh! Had quite a productive Sunday. Good!!!

Started off the day with a riding lesson at 8.30am. I didn’t like the fact that i was in the sun when i was riding. Steph hates the sun with the vengeance, so Steph was naturally whiny after the lesson because although the lesson was fun and fruitful, she was left drenched in perspiration and an awkward block of tanner skin on her arms.

I wore my elbow guards with my t-shirt, and i wore my gloves over my watch to avoid the watch tan line. But because there was uncovered skin from the elbow guard to the glove, that part of the arm is a little tanner. *meh* I want to cry!!! I applied SPF70 on my face and neck, but not on my arms!!! 😥

Ok, moving on… I packed my room, like FINALLY. I took out the heaped piles of clothing, books, papers, bags etc. And i’m amazed at the number of things i can dump in such a small area of the room. It’s not entirely neat now, but it’s progress. 🙂

Spent many hours on the desktop doing presentation slides and FYP video. Almost done, almost done!!! Yay!!!


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