In anticipation of a passive income that is coming in a little more than a week, i did a spreadsheet(on OpenOffice on my netbook) on disposable income and savings.

To my utmost horror, i cannot even save at least half of my income. And i haven’t even counted in my bike lessons. Mind you my daily pocket money will only $5, instead of the $10 that i get from dadmum if they give me pocket money. So my expenditure will be derived from the $5 pocket money, transport fares for a month which changes according to the month’s scehdule, dadmum’s ‘pocket money’, a small misc expenditure, and lastly, and the equivalent of my monthly pocket money put aside for all my medical bills.

And i’m not even paying for my phone bill(because mine’s a bare minimum and mum doesn’t mind paying, though i should really just tell her that i’ll pay), nor my insurance premiums.

After such a terrible revelation, i think i must AVOID BIOLOGICS at all costs. $1000-$2000/month is absolutely UNTHINKABLE and IMPOSSIBLE. No no no no no no no.

Anyhow, allocating the money into the appropriate bank accounts will be a good start. Hopefully i can spend some time doing just that.

*sigh* This is making me sad.


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