Sleep Deprivation

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a wacky weekend- hectic, fun and wet.

We were at the chalet over the weekend. I was shuttling between Pasir Ris and Ubi due to the untimely bookings of lessons i made for my theory and practical lessons. The weather has been kinda wet lately, though it does get very humid and hot even when it drizzles.

Chalet was FUN. I haven’t had a chalet in some 5 years, and am so glad that friends organised one for their birthdays. Of course it meant a sleepless night, and thus i am sleep deprived. 10+hours for 3 days. Was already zombified on Sunday, and was worried that i couldn’t concentrate when riding. Classmates and friends are really a fun bunch to hang out with. For once, i’m not staying in my comfort zone, and am actually socialising around! 🙂 I said NO to alcohol! Yes!

I passed Practical 2 after the Sunday riding lesson! Then we had our first Practical 3 lesson today. Again, untimely booking because i’m totally kun, but we didn’t want to waste our money not going for it. This stage has us going through slopes, figure-8 and crank course. I was surprisingly ok with figure-8, though i recall being terrified of it when i was in Practical 1. I fell TWICE on a crank course- consecutively. If this is not stupid and embarrassing, i don’t know what is! 😛 For those who don’t know, a crank course has 2 right angle bends-turning right first then left on gear 2. Sadly, i kan-cheonged and i mounted the curb and fell on the first bend. When i got up to finish the second bend, i lost control again and went right up the curb till the whole bike was on the grass. Fell again, needless to stay. Fucking dumb. I thought falling would trigger some fear in me subsequently, but no it didn’t. My subsequent attempts were good! 🙂

No obvious injuries on my legs, but i think i sustained some bruises AGAIN. Waiting to see where all the bruises will surface. Can’t see some for now!!!

It’s madness till Wednesday is over. For now, i will continue to be deprived of sleep. Many things to rush before our actual event on Wednesday. Mad rush mad rush!

Photos will be up on FB soon!


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