Happiness. What is happiness?

I have a very vague definition of happiness. So to speak, i have stopped searching for happiness, because i like to do what makes me happy. Even thinking of these things make me happy. So even when i’m down and out, i am happy simply because these thoughts make me happy, and putting such thoughts into actions amplifies the happiness manyfold.

Being happy can be that easy, if you let it be.

  • A brand new day, feeling fresh and pain-free makes me happy.
  • Taking my medications without experiencing side effects make me happy.
  • Being in a flare and being relieved of it makes me happy.
  • Seeing my rheumy makes me happy.
  • Pretty clouds make me happy.
  • Meeting my best friends makes me happy.
  • Having quiet time to muse makes me happy.
  • Listening to my favourite ballets on my iPod, and watching them on DVD makes me happy.
  • Going for a good massage makes me happy.
  • Accomplishing something makes me happy.
  • Progress, no matter how little or insignificant, makes me happy.
  • Showing that you truly care makes me happy.
  • Sleeping with my soft toys every night makes me happy.
  • Drinking diet coke makes me happy.
  • Going for ballet class makes me happy.
  • Doing something new like getting  tattoo or piercing, or learning riding, makes me happy.
  • Not comforming to societal demands makes me happy.
  • Lazing on the sofa and watching TV the whole day makes me happy.
  • Doing what i want, whenever i want, makes me happy.

And so it goes. All very superficial, but they will do. I cannot even begin to think about true happiness, because that seems so much more a dream, and i cannot be disillusioned. That estranges me from happiness, so it’s not worth it. Well, it’s all the little things that count anyway.

You can be happy anytime, but only if you let yourself be. I would say that even nf the most dire situations, i can be happy because i can to let myself find happiness in something that i do, in something that exists in my life. But it doesn’t come that easy. I often need a good hard kick in the ass to start the ball rolling. But i’m human afterall.

I hope all of you reading this can find some happiness, even if you are in your most bitter moments. Because no matter how life can be such a bitch, and how life is bad to you, happiness is always there. You just have to find it. 🙂 C’est la vie!


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