Why so sudden?

I’ve been doing fine, RA wise. Some flares here and there, pretty isolated too.

But dang, it’s coming again! My left knee feels worn out at the lateral joint line. Don’t know what to make of the meniscus too. *bleah* It’s been flaring quite alot the past year, it’s hardly swelling up anymore. Wrists have been bothersome together with the CMC joints from riding. I seldom need my wrist brace. I used it once this week, and i do foresee another day in it. Shoulders are bad too.

Something’s going on with my nerves. I’m getting parasthesias pretty often and quickly as of late. Plus i get this weird travelling tingling sensation down my forearm and hand when i extend my arms. I don’t know if this is due to my shoulder problems, or because of my awkward sleeping positions. If these should persist, i will definitely see a doc about it. Because it irks the hell out of me!!!



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