Time to take MTX. (And i forgot) And catch up on the daily HCQ.

Bloody right CMC had to flare so abruptly. I thought i ruptured some tendon or something after dinner. It’s a little red and swollen now(funny how the CMC can swell with redness), but the pain is not bad anymore. My ankle is a little sore, but it might have been from a careless twist some 2 days ago. Sometimes i really can’t tell what’s RA pain, and what’s not. Especially when the little synovial joints get hurt- because it’s all so peculiar.

I’m sadded because my new phone has a very weak microphone. To my utter horror, people on the other side of the line can’t hear me. And i thought it was due to the Gmask. I used it like a ‘walkie talkie’ today- how embarrassing. So now i’ve turned to using the hands-free set, which is crystal clear. *aargh* I can’t believe such a good phone has such poor telephone function.

How exasperating and aggravating.


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