It dawned upon me that i have been so terribly wrong. I’ve been digging my own grave right from the start. And i am stepping into it right now. Well. It’s nobody’s fault except mine. I can blame no one except for myself.

You know how it works when you trust someone. They get your confidance because you trust them. Promises are made, and you get reaasurance everytime that the promise will be kept. But what happens when the promise gets broken? What happens when the trust that demolishes the brick wall, gets betrayed?

I don’t know if i should be angry or sad. I don’t even know if it’s justified to feel that way. I know it was for my own good. But i could at least be informed. I’ve already regretted trusting anyone- my poor judgement skills have led to the grave-digging. I’m courting for trouble. I’m courting for my own death. And now because i cannot do anything to change the fact that i’ve said too much, i can only…

Really start building brickwalls, and TRUST NO ONE. Trust no one except myself. However irrational i may be, however jaded i am, at least i know i won’t betray myself. Even if i die one day trusting no one else, at least i know i’ve done justice to myself.

Please please please. Stop adding insult to injury. I don’t think i’m capable enough to handle all of these. At this rate, i won’t get out of the battle wounded. I will get out of it DEAD. And then that’s game over.


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