‘Enfant Terrible’

Why would you, or anyone for the matter, force me to do so something i vehemently oppose to? Don’t you realise that there’ll be no benefit? Don’t you realise that in a bid to avoid it, i’ll then do something else extreme? I guess it has got to a point where it is i’ll-make-you-regret-what-you-did.

Why would you want to make me lose control? I have lost all forms of control, and this is the only way i can have some form of control in my life. Why would you want to even remove that little bit of hope in me?

I am a mistake. I myself am a terrible mistake. I wished i didn’t start any of these. I’ve caused so much grief to so many, and hurt so many in the process. I never had that intention. And i’m sorry.

I’m sorry for being such a disappointment. I’m sorry to have wasted everybody’s time. I’m sorry to have angered any of you. And i’m sorry that everything even had to happen in the first place.


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