Happy Teacher’s Day!

It’s a special day today for all teachers. It’s Teacher’s Day. I don’t usually reserve my appreciation just for this day because i believe in showing our appreciation everyday through our words and actions, but i’ll just make a small tribute today. 🙂

I’ve had many teachers in these two short decades of my life. Some good, some bad, some mediocre. Some who truly made a difference, some who made a ‘lasting impression’. But i am thankful for every one of my teachers thus far because with each and every one of them, i take home something. Something that will help me in some way or another in future. And for that i am very grateful.

In the past few years, i’ve had teachers who have been very special to me. Teachers who were more than just teachers. They were my mentors and my friends. They taught me so much out of the classroom. They taught me life lessons. These teachers include the teachers from nursing school. I cannot over-emphasize how special some of these teachers have been to me, right from year one till now, almost half a year to graduation. In small little ways- their gestures, their words, their advice, their nagging- i have become so much more as a person and as a nurse-to-be.

The teachers i’ve had are all special to me in their own ways. And i can say that even after several years down the road, i look to them with the same eyes- with admiration and with eagerness to learn something from them, be it academically, or life lessons. I hope i never stop learning from them, and i hope they’ll never stop teaching. Because that is what they do best.

So to all teachers out there, and to my teachers who have made a difference in my life in a way or another…

(And to the teachers whom i’ve had to disappoint, and whom i have caused much grief to, i am sorry.)


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