Life after

I’m home. Since Wednesday evening. 8 days and 7 nights in the hospital. I wouldn’t say i enjoyed every single bit of it. But i enjoyed the stay there, because it was respite from my reality. At least when i was there, i was able to smile and laugh. πŸ™‚

Honestly, coming home and leaving the hospital was a bittersweet thing. I didn’t want to come home, but i didn’t belong there, and home is where i belong, albeit reluctantly.

Now i must face my reality. In the meantime, i am on hospitalisation leave. Taking a rest at home and sorting out my thoughts. Decisions decisions decisions. I have to start revision for my papers, start studying for LSCN, and think about my path for WSS. Life has to go on, and as much as i’d like to sit on issues, i cannot.

My RA medications have been stopped until further notice due to the transaminitis. My RA has been good to me for quite awhile, so all’s good. But i’m starting to feel it in the hips and so i can’t cross my legs at all if i don’t want them to start hurting. The flares are creeping back very insidiously. But what can i say? I fucking deserve this.

My cough/phlegm is into the 4th week. My chest x-ray was fine, so all’s good. Just that it’s not getting resolved and i’m getting very irked by it.

I’ve got some feedback to give on my hospital stay- both positive and negative. My vein got ‘burned’ during my drug infusion, and the area is still bruised with my vein hardened. But that may be because the drug is quite irritating to the veins. The MO recannulated my right dorsum over a previous IV site, and she breached confidentiality. That’s the MO’s issue, so it has nothing to do with the hosptial. But if you’d ask me my opinion on such a new hospital, i’d say go for it. Go for it if you don’t have major ailments and/or surgery. The environment is great, and service is good. The ED is fast too. πŸ™‚

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