Body’s screwed

For the 2 occasions that i’ve been out of the house since i got home, it has been rather eventful. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but i may just be intolerant of activities for now. I get hypotensive quite easily these days, and somehow my baseline BP has dropped to borderline hypotension since my hospital stay. And there’s nothing i can do about it other than getting myself horizontal. *meh* I don’t like this. I hope my body’s not messed up from what happened…

As i have mentioned, all my RA meds have been withheld. 2 weeks without MTX and 3 weeks without Arava. Flares are increasing insidiously, and my knee is screaming to flare up. *aargh* My hips are being such a huge pain in the ass, and there aren’t many positions i can assume to appease them. I am so bloody tempted to pop some diclofenac, but looking at the way things are with my liver, i’m holding back.

Complete rest at home, as Hwee says. Haha. I should just stay home and avoid going out unless i absolutely have to. *meh*


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