The thought of letting go pains me so much. It is beyond words.

Can’t stop crying.

I just need someone to walk by my side and hold my hand, telling me that everything’s gonna be ok. That everything’s just gonna be fine.

Do i not deserve just that little bit of love? Just that little bit of love to keep me going, and keep me alive? Just that little bit of love to make me smile, even if it’s for awhile?

Well, i better find someone/something worth living for, because i can’t even convince myself that i am worthy of a place in this world. That all these sadness and tears are worth living for.

I am irresponsible to myself, and i’ll continue to be until there is a change.

Good night, my friends. Another day is over, and a huge chunk of me has died. I did not sleep well last night at all, and i reckon it’ll be the same tonight. The happy pill will do little, and if any, it’s the placebo effect.

So till dawn breaks…


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