Just like that

So this is it?

It’s over just like that?

You are not even going to give me a pat on the back? Not even a hug?

You are not even going to tell me “You’ve done your best”?

You are gonna let me go just like that?

After I’m thoroughly screwed, through and through?

After I’ve put in so much blood, sweat and tears?

So you wanted me in it when I was in a clear state of mind? And you’re ridding me once my mentality is clouded and very questionable?

And you want me to recover and get better on the pretext that my stressors are removed?


You guys are smart. So bloody smart. I should have seen this coming…

I’ve tried so many times to be mature about things. To try to see where you are coming from. To try to understand why you had to do the things you did. But did you ever do the same for me? I’m tired already.

And I thought I could really use this break to rest. To think that I was hoping nothing would start aggravating things again.

So darn wrong. So darn wrong…

Thanks a lot. Thanks for using me like a tool. Thanks for using me till I got worn out. And thanks for throwing me away once you saw that I was broken.

And so… You ARE going to let me go… Just like that…


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