Instant gratification

We had a dinner buffet at the Shangri-La, for dadmum’s wedding anniversary. The variety is much better there compared to Fullerton’s, but the standard of the food is about the same. Had a champagne cocktail(champagne and lychee liqueur) to go along with the food, while Sam, who is 2 days shy of 18, had a mojito. Dadmumbro, as usual, stayed away from alcohol. 😛 *meh* Don’t like buffets.. Damned.

We siblings headed to Vivocity while dadmum had some alone time taking the cablecar. I decided to give myself some love by heading to the Build-a-Bear workshop to check out the newly-released(well not so new- i didn’t have a chance to check out it) Sanrio characters. Though i already had a Hello Kitty from there, i wanted another if it’s different. Lo and behold, she has a flower instead of a bow, so i got her in simple underwear with a bathrobe and her very own HK shoes. 🙂 Oh-so-cute!



Both Hello Kittys together! Like sisters! 🙂

I bought myself a Gap pullover, and it says ‘Love’ on the front, and ‘Kiss’ when you fold up the cuff of the right sleeve. 5% cashmere too! It’s the perfect type of pullover in my favourite color that i’ve always wanted, and i’m so glad i bought it! I may buy an extra one because it has me head-over-heels with it!!! 🙂

I haven’t shopped in a really long while. So these in a way, make me happy, even if it’s for awhile. Takes my mind off unpleasant stuff, even if it’s temporary. Instant gratification much? Too materialistic, Steph…


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