Happy 18th Sammy!

Happy 18th Birthday my dearest sister!!!


Sammy with the floppy-eared rabbit i got her some time back. She LOVES bunnies. 🙂

Sam and i have been best friends for as long as we’ve been sisters. And although there were many things she did that i didn’t get to know until recently, we now have absolutely no secrets between the both of us.

We share clothes, we share our shoes, we share bags, we share perfume, we share our make up. We share the same squeezy room that has been ours since some 12 years ago. And it was the few years when we moved out of this house and had our own rooms, that i didn’t get to know of things she did. Our soft toys were married to each other- my old bear to her old rabbit, my slumber bear to her fish, my huge big bear with her tiny unicorn… Our toys conversed with each other.

We’d fight sometimes, but she was never the petty girl. I was, but i’d give in seeing how big her heart was. I’d nag at her endlessly. About how her side of the room was so darn messy. About how her stupid phone and Katy Perry wakes me up more than it wakes her up in the morning, and makes me wanna slam her phone on the floor. About how certain friends seem dubious. About how she walks funny with her killer shoes. About how clumsy she can get. Or about how she is ever so lazy to pull in her tummy every single time we’re out.

We’d go out shopping together sometimes, and most of the time we’d shop at the same shops. If we like the same thing, we’d deliberate if we should each get our own, or if we should share. I’d burst her bubble about what she likes, and she’d do the same to me. As she got older, she’d learned more about the higher-end brands, and now she’s the one teaching me more about them instead of the other way round. I know she HATES bookshops with a vengeance, but i’d annoy her sometimes with a visit. We’d pay for each other, if one of us was strapped on cash.

Although Sam and our brother are very uncannily alike, we share the exact sentiments of the ongoings at home. We have some sort of telepathy going on some times, and all we needed to do was to look at each other in the eye, and we’d understand. Helps a lot at home ya know?

Sammy, like me, has been hurt before, and is hurting. I know the pain she goes through. And i am proud that she has turned out to be what she is now. That she did follow her heart and pursued what she wanted out of design school. She knew it’d be tough because she has no background, and she has to travel from west to east everyday. But i kept reminding her to always be true to herself, and so she did.

She has those niggly pains here and there in her bones and joints, and i pray and hope that she’ll never need to go through what i went. Because she hates needles. And because she doesn’t need that extra something so burdensome.

Happy Birthday Sam. I’m proud of you, and will always be. We’ll grow old together k? 🙂



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