Trudging forward

With new wounds, fresh scars, and a lot of pain, I’ve picked myself up and i’m ready to trudge forward again. It’s not gonna be easy i know. But i only ask that nothing, and no one, will come forward to shove and trip me over once more. It has been once too many, and i’ve grown too weary. I cannot trip again.

Been feeling under the weather since the bus ride yesterday. The malaise and lethargy is just horrible. Plus yawning to no end, making my TMJs ache and click. It reminds me of when the transaminitis was at its worst- ALT and AST in the thousands. Man… I’m really hoping it’s not the liver again. It could be my dietary intake(or the lack of it). It could be my RA. It could be my excessive consumption of diet coke- i’ve not drunk water in days(i can’t even keep count). Or maybe it’s just one of those bad days.

It’s such a huge pain in the ass planning medical appointments. *aargh* I think the medicine clinic staff are annoyed with my changes almost everytime. And now i’m gonna annoy the JMC staff too with my changes. But what to do? It either clashes with school, or with clinicals. And now that school is out of the way, the clinicals make it difficult with 5 weeks of 8-4 shifts. Even worse when i start on PRCP. *meh* Such a bother. I wish there’s some leeway for such medical appointments. It’s making keeping appointments so difficult. *stab*


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