Some rest finally…

I finally had a good night’s sleep last night. It’s been a long time since i got proper rest. Having very little sleep the night before, forcing myself not to nap, and then taking a tab of dimenhydrinate helped. But i had to exchange a good night’s sleep for some pain… I need to clear my sleep debt before i start work next week!!!

I gave in to 150mg of diclofenac and 1g of paracetamol, because my shoulders were killing me, along with the bad back. I don’t like to have my RA get better because i popped a couple of pills, but damned. Sometimes i don’t have much of a choice if i’m going to be keeping my sanity and keeping my emotions in check.

Had my liver panel done today. Blood seems to be thinner with slower clotting- hoping it has nothing to do with the liver. If all’s well, i’m restarting MTX tomorrow. I’m totally looking forward to that! 🙂


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