End of break

Quite an eventful Sunday, i must say.

Dadmum gave the go ahead for me to buy the brown toy poodle puppy, but not without the many conditions they listed, and the emphasis that she will be MY responsibility. So we placed a deposit for her, and i cuddled her for the 3rd day in a row. She’s taken to me already, and i can’t wait to bring her home! I hope Clover will take to her too.

Bro was driving when he mounted a kerb real badly. We got stranded outside the pet shop because the bottom of the car was stuck on the curb, and our front wheel was flat. Thank goodness there was a tyre shop beside the pet shop. We were out of there in about an hour.

Got home and frantically started to get ready for work tomorrow. Did my notes for the ED. Missing out on my exam meant that i was not well-familiarised with emergency care, but i’m trying. *sigh* So much uncertainties and fear. I’m not liking the prospects of 6 work weeks.

I need to do several things. But firstly, i need to STOP doing stupid things. Like now.


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