More malaise

First day of work in the Emergency Department(ED)? I don’t know what to say. I was at the triage area today- which i feel is the most manageable part of this posting. What’s more, i wasn’t feeling that fantastic- malaise and more malaise. 4 more days to go. *sigh*

We brought our puppy home today!!! Clover, who’s already into her 7th year with us, is very territorial and keeps barking at the new kid. The new kid on the other hand, is very mischievous and ‘noisy’. She bites every single thing in sight, including my PJs. And she whimpers and cries when i’m not in sight. *sigh* So i’m sleeping on the floor in the living room tonight. Beside her.

The malaise and nausea i get from travelling on public transport is seriously killing me very slowly. I feel like dying everytime i have to take the bus or the family car. Because it makes me so sick, it takes me a few hours of rest to recover from it. Wish i can be exempted from travelling till this issue blows over. *meh* I HATE IT.


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