Black Monday

I think I forgot to mention. That today is a BLACK MONDAY. Not blue, not anything else. What a way to start the week. *bleah*

My shoulder, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees and toes hurt. Synovitis back to kick me in the arse. Plus so much fatigue, which I’m attributing to my sleep problems and disease activity.

Thanks a lot eh, RA. You just have to make your presence known when I’m in an already frazzled state of mind. You added so much frustration and anger at such a bad timing. Ok fine. Go forth and erode my joints and inflict pain on me. I hate you.

Do you know how it feels like?
Longing to say hi, just like I used to… Because I can’t do that anymore. Everything has changed, and I feel like I’m a stranger. It saddens me deeply that things turned out this way. Everything about what happened is just wrong.

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