I’ve been clocking in hours and hours of shuteye these days- bedtime at 8-9pm each night ever since my doctor gave me something for sleeping. I’m finally getting the rest i should be getting after so long, but i still feel tired and fatigued for some reason.

My concentration is at its worse these days. It hasn’t been good for many months, even as far back as April. I zone out very easily and quickly when someone talks to me at length. And i have to admit that most of the time it occurs with teachers. *sigh* I can’t quite pay attention to what’s being said, and i really hate it. But at the same time, i can’t help it.

I finally managed to get Poppy showered and cleaned. I bathed her singlehandedly today on impulse. She’s such a dirty dog, quite unlike Clover, who loves to be clean. Both Poppy and Clover are such darlings. Poppy is taking up a lot of my energy and time, but i guess i’m learning to be responsible.

I wish there was a quick fix and a real pill for despair. Sleep is my only reprieve now. It’s the next best thing to death. So thank goodness for Remeron.

And i finally took a dose of folate. I hate the stomatitis that comes with the weekly dose of MTX. Ulcers on top of the synovitis and psychological baggage  can be such a pain in the ass.


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