Truth is…

*self-talk in progress*

The truth is…

I did not concede defeat. The battle was there for me to fight, and I fought a long and endless war. Nobody budged and no one was going to emerge victorious till someone gave in. I gave in, not because I was too weak. It was because I was powerless to change the other party and the situation, and the best thing to do is really to just step back. I did not lose. And if she thought she’d won because she’s still in and I’m now out…

Then the truth is…

She has lost even before the battle has started. She will never match up to me. Not now, not ever. And while she doesn’t have to match up to me, I have victory over her. Just knowing that is enough to console me.

I think no one can ever replace that place that was rightfully mine. Yes I have many flaws, but no one can say that they tried harder than I did. I want my place back, and I’ll never stop wanting it. But perhaps it is wiser to just put it all behind, and just move on. Because holding on to it is just foolish. Because I’m better than that. Move on and be the terrific nurse I know I can be, and start making a difference. And pwn everyone who thought that I was weak, and wasn’t good enough.

And yes. She, will never ever match up to me. Sad isn’t it?

So there you go. Move on and let go.

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