Call me bitter

Yes I’ve changed. I saw how ugly people can get. How superficial they are. How they do things and manipulate people to get what they want. How narrow-minded they can get. How they could care less about others. How they wouldn’t even give two hoots if they made someone take their own life. How coldblooded they are. How inherently selfish they are. How conniving they are. How everything that they portray, is PURE FUCKING BULLSHIT. And worst of all, how these people are the very people who seem to care and be concerned about you.

I’ve never been that disillusioned in my short life. I don’t know how I’d return to where I was. I guess I may never will. I used to have dreams and goals, but now I don’t even dare to wish for anything in fear that it may never happen. Let’s just say, I’ve changed till I’m no longer myself. It keeps me functioning, and it keeps me protected with the walls I’ve built and the defense mechanisms. But I am no longer who I used to be.

Who to blame? Myself. Anyhow, they’ve all cleverly pointed their fingers at me, and pushed all the blame on me. They managed to write me off, just like that. Yes yes. I’m to blame. I’m always at fault. But I’ll watch and see how you fall, and die a terrible death.

Anyway, I’m better off without it. They on the other hand, are stuck with a rotten apple. *tsk tsk tsk* I feel so sad for them.

Yes I’m mean. So what? You made me as such. I don’t want to play nice anymore. Doesn’t do me any good.

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