It’s very unsettling to be hearing something different about things that you believe to be true. It’s even more disconcerting to hear more about someone whom already has gotten your disapproval.

I found out about some things- the inaccuracy of accounts, the absurdity of a person’s actions, and most of all how appalling the real situation has become.

I don’t know who to believe anymore. I don’t even know why I even let myself trust other people, especially after how my trust was betrayed by someone whom I trusted and respected so much. Why am I not surprised this is happening again? I’m just disappointed at the people whom I chose to trust.

I guess now more than ever, I’ve got to build brick walls again. I hate to do so. But even people whom I love cannot be trusted anymore. How is it that strangers can be better trusted?

As a bystander, I find the situation to be dire. I fail to comprehend why and how this can still go on. But I understand that the dire situation was indirectly caused by me. Whatever it is, judging by what has and what hasn’t been done, the decision to leave was the best I’ve made in the past months. How is it that someone so rotten, so incorrigible, can get away scot-free? Are they so blind? Or is it that they cannot care less?

I finally understand why they pushed the blame to me. And I finally understand how she got that far. She did it not by her merit, but mine. She was riding on my abilities. All of us win her hands down anytime. It’s really sad how pathetic she has become.

And my bad. She’s not a rotten apple. She’s a rotten egg, and a really rotten one at that.

*tsk tsk tsk*

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