I deserve better

You know what? Fuck it. Just fuck it all. I saw this bloody timer when i was in Daiso today. And i swear that it triggered me so much. All that anger, hatred, sadness… All seeped right through me.

Enough. I’ve had enough. No more affiliations. I’m not gonna talk to anyone in the team. Nor am i going to meet them. Not gonna talk to any of the teachers, possibly for the rest of my life. None on Facebook. And out goes the box full of training stuff. Even that thick file that’s chocked full of handouts that i tirelessly searched for and printed, and those collected from training.

I don’t need these. I don’t need them in my life. It’s all in the past now.

Because you know what? I deserve better, and not all the fucking bullshit that i got.

Get out of my life. NOW.


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