I spent an hour organising my medications AGAIN.

I’ve organised them in such a way that each day has its OM and ON packet because i have different meds to take in the morning and at night. I clip each day’s packet(which is really a small ziploc) together with the day’s label. Then i pack  a week’s worth of meds into them.

I’ve tried it for a week, and for someone SO LAZY like me, it works. It helps with the adherence. It helps especially when i alternate my hydroxychloroquine with 1 and 2 tabs everyday. I am also able to take my weekly MTX and folic acid on the correct days.

But for now, i’m not popping them out of their blister packs in advance. It drives me crazy to have to pop out so many pills in the morning. It drives me crazy to try to peel open the blister for the orodispersible pill at night- it’s worse than peeling double-sided tape. So i may want to try to pop them out in advance. But that also means i have to make them air-tight.

We’ll see how this will help with my adherence to the medications in the long run. I’m going to properly organise them into boxes, because tiny ziplocs are just pathetic.

I hate the fine tremor in my hands. I’m freaking 20 years old! WHY ARE MY HANDS TREMBLING!?!?!? STOP IT!!!


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