Everything’s gonna be fine

It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be alright. You’ll be fine.

I keep telling myself that, as though saying it might make it happen. But i know it will. I just don’t know when.

I am trying. I’ve been trying even all the way back in July. I’ve been tryin and trying. I refuse to let anyone tell me that i didn’t. Because i know i did try, and i am still trying. I know it is perceived that i gave up(i admit that i say that sometimes) or that i gave in. That i stopped trying. But i didn’t stop. I’m tired and weary, yes. I want to give up, yes. I however did not stop trying to help myself. And people around me, as well as myself, have to understand that any step, however minute, is a step taken. I’ll fall sometimes, because i’m only human. It’s ok to regress sometimes. I myself have to understand that the worst of the worst nightmares are over- i survived through them. Is there anything else i can’t see through? I don’t think so. I’ll just keep trying, even if it means i’ll die trying. Because i know that nothing’s worth it if you don’t try.

Everything’s gonna be just fine, girl. You just gotta believe in that.


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