Mulberry Alexa

My very first iconic bag!!! I bought it in the Mulberry store in Takashimaya for $1533 at a 30% discount, with my money(i don’t spend my parents’ money on my label splurges). It’s considerably cheaper with the discount because it sells for GBP750 in the UK. It is a special leather- sparkle tweed- in Gunmetal. I bought this almost on an impulse, because i actually had my mind on the Mulberry’s 2011 Spring/Summer Edie bag, which is a cross between their classic Bayswater and the Alexa. But i saw this is in the store and i couldn’t resist.

I deserve this bag. Totally. Just because this year has really been shitty year for me.

I bought Mosby’s Perry & Potter Nursing Skills and Procedures guidebook. Yet another book from Kinokuniya. Yay. And i bought a 2011 calendar- Balanchine!!! It features the Balanchine-Kirstein-founded NYCB in Balanchine’s repertoire. Sweet!


When i shop, i really shop. When i don’t, i simply don’t. Time to stop. Now.


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