Idle idle

I am whiling my time away while my peers are vexing over their final consolidation placements that started yesterday.

Several issues:

  • TV coma today. I managed to pluck myself away and disengage from being such a TV addict since i got home. But now it’s back, and it’s vicious. I watched TV from 1pm all the way till 10pm today, lying on the new sofa that we got that i love. Well done girl. And thanks a lot cable tv. Life-changing indeed.


  • 4 day of NON-ADHERENCE to ALL my medications again. The last i took was on Friday. Haven’t had any at all since. AGAIN i know. But you don’t know. You will never know what it is like to take long-term daily medications, having to fall off the wagon, and then trying to get back on it because all we got is getting bitten back in the ass. I don’t know what’s really so tough about adherence, why i can magically get on and off the adherence wagon, and i’ve talked endlessly about it. But yes i’ve fallen off again, and this time it’s more dangerous because i am not taking my happy pills, nor my sleeping pills. Who cares about that lousy HCQ that i take for RA? I honestly don’t care about HCQ, and i am really taking it for the sake of it. I’m still convinced it’s a little like a sugar pill for me. For those who’ve been in my situation, i appreciate your empathy. For thos who haven’t even been there, don’t even bother asking yourself what’s so difficult about compliance?


  • Time to stop idling, and get my lazy ass back into my books. My memory is failing me, and for the first time last night, i actually forgot the generic name of Maxolon even though i could remember that Stemetil is prochlorperazine, and anti-emetics like ondansetron and aprepitant are used in oncology. Metoclopromide only came back today, at the snap of my fingers. Ah this is scary. If my memory failed me, i am NOTHING. Nothing at all. Scary shit.


  • I am going to admit. I am finally having problems opening bottle caps. It’s been like 2 months already? Big jar caps. PET bottle caps. Just about anything with caps. It’s maddening actually, but i’ve got it good, and i shouldn’t complain. I’m just surprised that i have problem opening caps when my hands are not badly afflicted by RA. There is an amazing cap opener that we have in the kitchen. Nothing it can’t open. Except that i get very embarrassed when i can’t open my diet coke bottles in public, try as i might. 😦 Something new in my life i guess, and i gotta learn to bloody live with it. At age 20. Good job RA. You are wonderful.


  • Synovitis is back, as i mentioned. Flares flares and more flares. Nothing much to do with the lack of adherence to HCQ(please, 4 days is nothing). Maddening, as usual, because i HATE it. *meh* Make it all go away please.

Pardon my ramblings. I tend to ramble a lot these days. I’m bored and too bottled up i guess.


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