Why not pred

I had a particularly bad night last night with my joints- shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and toes. The whole time i was in my bed trying to sleep, pain was all my head was consumed with. And then i swore to myself to take prednisolone when i woke up.

But somehow, i procrastinated, and i never got to take it. I didn’t take it because after some 12-24 hours of it, it decided to cave in and i wasn’t in as much pain anymore. I even pushed myself to go to the gym to exercise despite the enthesitis in my knee.

That is what i get if i give myself time to wait it out. I know i said i wouldn’t just grit and bear with it anymore, but with meds like prednisolone, it’s so darn easy to start relying on it.

I won’t lie. Pred really does wonders, as my lecturers in school call it. If i take enough of it, the pain is ALL GONE. But after 7 days on it(more than 10mg i think, or is it 15mg or 20mg? i can’t  recall), you gotta taper the dose off if not you risk an Addisonian crisis(adrenal insufficiency). And tapering takes forever i tell you. (Well it took me 3 months to cut down just 2.5mg. I was on 20mg. You do the math.) The side effects are even worse- you get a moon face, you gain weight, your wounds heal darn slowly, mouth ulcers take 3 weeks to go away, you risk osteoporosis, hirsutism perhaps, amongst others. It’s a hefty price to pay i’d say. Short-term is good, but long-term is a nightmare.

I guess that is why i am always hesitant to take pred, and would rather take diclofenac and let it take 2 weeks for the full therapeutic effect. I can wait for 6-8 weeks for DMARDs and the happy pills. Why not 2 weeks for diclofenac?

Back to diclofenac it is. Damn it girl. Just take that triangle pink pill and stop being such a stubborn cow. And the adherence too. Problemo. 5 days already. *meh*


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