Unnecessary tests

I am MADPISSED. Because i realised today when i was in the hospital, that the rheumatologist(not mine, she was on leave) ordered a full liver function test(LFT) for me, together with erythrocyte sedimentation rate(ESR), full blood count(FBC), creatinine and albumin. And my jaw dropped when i was asked to pay $60 odd for it(it’s not like i’ve never paid so much before, but i wasn’t expecting it). I mean, c’mon man!!! $60+ for a routine blood test is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Most of you would’ve probably noticed it on my Facebook or Twitter. I am not a doctor. Not even near. But i know that i absolutely don’t need a LFT. I understand that it was ordered because of the recent transaminitis that sent my liver enzymes through the roof. But i’ve already been through those LFTs till the levels normalised. And just about 2 weeks ago, a medical officer who had nothing better to do and an ass to cover had to order FBC, LFT, Renal Panel and i-don’t-recall-what, when i was all fine and dandy, and very well asymptomatic. I bloody hell paid $100+ to know that my bloodwork all came out good. That was totally unprecedented.

And today, another $60 odd just to ‘double-confirm’ that no i’m not having transaminitis, and yes my kidneys and cell counts are all fine. I could’ve saved almost $40 if only ALT, instead of LFT, was ordered. It would’ve told me and my rheumy the same thing- whether or not my liver is being affected by my medications, and whether action has to be taken to increase or decrease dosages.

I won’t die of fulminance if i don’t do a LFT. I assure you, and i promise you that i won’t. If i should die of fulminant hepatic failure, i should’ve already done so 4 months ago. (I’m kinda like a cockroach that just doesn’t die, however i try.)

So please, just freaking order ALT, and at most an additional AST. Not a stupid LFT. Don’t think albumin is necessary. Neither should c-reactive protein be ordered. Just plain FBC, ALT, AST, ESR and Creatinine(and this is already like what, $30 odd?)Period.

Help me save $20-$40 every month. I would appreciate that A LOT. Thank you.


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