Rheumy ♥

My rheumy is AWESOME-POSSUM.

And i can’t say it enough, that i am extremely fortunate to have her as my rheumatologist. It’s been 3 years already. That’s really quick!

(I actually haven’t seen her in half a year because she was away on course, and i missed her real bad. I haven’t been seeing a rheumatologist in almost 3 months, which makes things a little risky. But oh well.)

I shan’t go into details, but she was very nice, as usual. ESR elevated in similar ranges as previous tests. Haemoglobin a tad low, and i am puzzled because i have been taking my folic acid a day after MTX. The last time that i was seriously anemic was like what, some 10 years ago? But otherwise everything’s good with the liver and kidneys.

She realised today that i have patella subluxation in both knees, and she’s guessing that it might be the culprit in causing my chronic knee inflammation. So she told me to go back and strengthen my quadriceps. (Oh no not again.) *sigh* And so the pain in my sacroiliac joints, which we can only assume to be sacroilitis, still puzzles my rheumy. Peculiar, she calls it as always, and i always seem to agree with her.

MTX upped to 15mg. (Yay!) She ordered ONLY ALT for the next visit. (Omg, it’s like she knew that i lamented about it!)


(And so she’ll have the honor of going into my  category, alongside my BFFs.)


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