A few things

Yesterday was a long day overwhelmed with emotions. I can finally say that i will end the year on a GOOD note. A few things actually.

  1. I am FINALLY going back to work. Woohoo. 17 weeks straight of work. Break a leg. Merde. Whatever luck i need. And the 17 weeks start next Monday. I WILL GRADUATE THIS YEAR. I will graduate this year in May, with a diploma with merit no less. Yes Steph. You just got to. Not only for yourself, but to pwn those who’ve let you down terribly.
  2. One more place in Director’s List for Year 3 Semester 1! Woots! 4th time on the list! Just gotta bring it over and finish off nursing school with the last semester in the list.
  3. New on my prescription is PROPRANOLOL. The fine tremor in my hands caused by 60mg of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is getting worse, and is very unpredictable. I cannot work with trembling hands. It works quite well in stopping the tremor. I’m just hoping that i can wean off this medication one day, because i so do not need the side effects, and the extra work on my liver.
  4. I’ve spent too much on shopping this month. Thousands of dollars for this whole month on clothing and very recently makeup. I’ll make a dedicated post to my buys of the month.

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