Shopping to end the year!

Alrighty. As much as i would love to take photos of the products of my manic spending spree, it’s an awful lot of things that i’ve bought. I can’t really be bothered to take photos, so i’ll just provide links here whenever i can ok! Everything here was bought in the month of December 2010! πŸ™‚

Mulberry Alexa;Sparkle tweed leather, in the shade of Gunmetal. I LOVE IT.

Gap Hoodies!; I bought 2 of these in plum purple and striped navy and white, just because i love hoodies and kanga pockets. πŸ™‚

Gap Colorblock T; in navy and white 100% rayon!!! I likeeee!

Gap Hearts Cardigan; This is from Gap Kids, in gray with pink hearts. I got it in Medium, which was the largest they had, supposedly for 8 year olds. But i could fit it. And i HEART it! So cuteeeeeeee!!!!

Gap Maxi Dress; I love this maxi dress! Pretty and flowy. And for an American brand, only Gap’s maxi dresses can fit my height, other than Promod.

Uniqlo Fairy Soft Collection; I bought a sweater and 2 pairs of leggings from this collection. Sweater in white with lilac edges, leggings in black and pink with rainbow-colored ends(as in picture). Damn soft!!! I likeeeeee!

Clinique Derma White Bright C Liquid Make Up;My 2nd expensive liquid foundation after getting MAC(which was badly matched with NC25- way too dark for me.) It has SPF 38, and the lady there did a wonderful job of matching the shade to my skin tone!

Clinique Perfectly Real Radiant Skin Compact Makeup;I bought this as well for convenient purposes. The coverage is good, and it has SPF 29! Good match of shades again!!!

Clinique Airbrush Concealor;Just because a girl can never fully conceal her dark eye circles. Good match of shades once more. Very impressed.

Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color; Because a girl can never have enough blushes! πŸ™‚

Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes;Ok i honestly bought this just to push my purchase up to $220 just to get a $20 voucher. Hah. Girls are girls.

There are many other things which i cannot find pictures for, or that i am too lazy to find.

  • Massimo Dutti floral button up shirt
  • Gap slouchy ‘Je t’aime’ tee
  • Rosebullet cardigan(pretty!)
  • Books, books and more books
  • 6 piece gift with purchase from Clinique(yay!)
  • La Senza underwear(buy 2 get 2 free!)
  • 9 blue-and-red pens from Daiso for work
  • Topshop hot water bottle(the most unlikely place to buy one!)
  • HMV buys like Inception and Mao’s Last Dancer DVDs, Sarah McLaclan’s album etc.
  • Stuff from Page One, including a mug, coloring book and Cath Kidston stationery

Damned. That’s A LOT of things that i bought. And that’s A LOT of money that i spent. *pfft* You see, when i don’t shop, i can go without shopping for months. But once i start, i go MANIC.

Why am i not surprised? But aye. Whatever makes me happy right? After all, i had the shittiest year of my life this year.


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