4th day of 2011

It’s a brand new year, and I guess I had a good start to it.

My fears were unfounded. After the 2nd day of working in the gerontology ward, I think it wouldn’t be too bad for 4 weeks. I have 2 good preceptors. But it is still too early to say yet. So I’m crossing my fingers. I was vasovagal today in the morning, and it was unrelenting. It threatened to send me home,but after alternating resting and working only to get hypotensive and pale again, it finally left me for good after 2 hours. Diving right into the cardiothoracic ward at the end of the month!

The start of the year usually means I have an appointment with the opthalmologist, as well as another one with my rheumy. The opthalmology appointments are only once a year, but I hate it with a vengeance. Firstly, I’m not always compliant to hydroxychloroquine, so I wouldn’t be too worried with retinopathy(but I understand it is always better to err on the safer side). Secondly, I ain’t a fan of pupil dilation. It is VERY painful when my eyes are being visualised without pupil constriction. And then I’m stuck with blurred vision for the next 6 hours.

Ok. My point is that I actually managed to change my opthalmology and rheumy appointments and fixed them according to my shifts. SWEET! I get pissy when work and follow-ups clash, especially with my rheumy because she is such a busy bee with only 2 clinics a week.

So yes. How’s been 4 days into 2011? Nothing bad, and that’s good enough.

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