I have a new drug on my Rx list. Guilty as charged- for polypharmacy!!!

I seem to have a lot of drugs on my Rx list. While it is nothing to be absolutely happy about, i am always glad to try something new in the hopes that it’ll do me some good. And i feel safer if i have something to fall back on. That is why i don’t fill all my prescriptions- i don’t want to let my medications expire before i get to use them, like what happened to my etoricoxib(Arcoxia).

I am now taking:

  • 15mg of methotrexate
  • 300mg of hydroxychloroquine
  • 75mg of diclofenac
  • 60mg of fluoxetine
  • 30mg of mirtazapine
  • 20mg of omeprazole.

And when required, i can take:

  •  up to 6 tabs of Anarex(paracetamol+orphenadrine)
  • another 75mg of diclofenac
  • up to 30mg of propranolol
  • up to 50mg of hydroxyzine
  • up to 20mg of prednisolone
  • up to 20mg of amitriptyline

And other than those, i have prochlorperazine, dinenhydrinate, acetylcysteine, dextromethorphan, procodin(promethazine+codeine), etoricoxib(Arcoxia), leflunomide(Arava), topical salicylic acid, topical diclofenac, topical ketoprofen(Fastum gel and Ketotop). All of which i have some use for now and then.

It used to be so simple- alternating 1 and 2 tablets of HCQ everyday, with the weekly dose of MTX. But because of my resolve to improve my pain management, moods and sleep, everything becomes so complicated. It doesn’t help that i am more prone to coughs and colds these days.

I am paying from my own pocket, all the therapeutic effects of the drugs. But because of these drugs, i am paying for it in other ways. I fork out money to pay for bloodwork to be done and get myself poked every single time. My liver has already on a few occasions, become reversibly affected. The next to go are my stomach and my kidneys, both of which are still relatively cooperative for now except for the occasional gastritis, dyspepsia and GERD. Inflammation still persists with elevated ESR despite double-DMARD therapy and NSAIDs. Sometimes a little anemia, leukocytosis, stomatitis and alopecia. And most of all- the most infuriating one- is weight gain. Sad but true. (And i am not making excuses.)

Well, my next bloodwork is 3 months later. I cannot be sure, but there is definitely a risk of transaminitis again, looking at the medications that i’m taking. I cannot even begin to fathom if i have to withold ALL my medications again. But if my liver enzymes are indeed elevated, there is no way out, other than to stop taking everything. That would really be a disaster, i’d say. Rheumy is really running a risk here because non of my other doctors are monitoring my bloodwork.

I am only left with 10mg of prednisolone and 6 tabs of 90mg Arcoxia with no prescriptions for them whatsoever. PANIC.

I wish i could say that i do NOT need any of them. I could, but it would also mean that i’d suffer. And do i want to suffer? I don’t want to anymore. So as much as i am reliant(as with the society) on drugs, my ability to be my best also counts on them(it’s hard to be my best when i’m in pain, with labile emotions and sleepless, right?).

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