My first week back in the ward flew by very quickly. It was quite easy to adapt to the workflow and pace of the ward, even i was surprised at myself. I took on 1 case each day since the 3rd day, and I want to challenge myself even further.

The amitriptyline has been immensely helpful- it knocks me out for quite a few good hours. I find it incredulous that I am entirely sleepless if I don’t take my nightly meds.

Hypotension has been quite a frequent visitor to my daily life. Both idiopathic hypotension and orthostatic hypotension, for unexplained reasons.

And now I am rather anaemic, with my haemoglobin hovering at about 8. It doesn’t help that I am already very fair to begin with. My lips are disgustingly pale, as is my complexion- sallow to the max.


I honestly do not know if I should laugh or cry.

Weekend to recharge myself, before I embark on my 2nd week of work.

Heads up people!

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