I am home, after 4 days and 4 nights in the hospital. It was like a weekend vacation. Except that i got poked and prodded till no end, and i returned home with 2 phlebitic veins.

I left the hospital with my Hb hovering around 9 with most of the fatigue and weakness gone. Let’s hope it stays that way or better ok? Because if it drops again, then i’m in deep deep shit. I still want to graduate with my cohort, and i still want to do the graduates’ speech yah? I’ll see tomorrow if the exertional dyspnea and effort intolerance are gone.

I have follow-ups with the General Surgery doctor, and my rheumy, plus an extra visit to the rheumatology registrar(who by the way is also very nice). I am thinking, why on earth am i even following up with general surgery? Yups. What the hell, seriously. I’d really rather be in the care of the gastro team, than the surgical team. The surgical team is only looking for opportunities to sink that scalpel into my skin- at least that is what i feel.

I FINALLY got my IM shot of triamcinolone(an intermediate-acting glucocorticoid) after the rheumatology registrar ordered it personally. I griped to her that the surgical team refused to accede to my request despite she suggesting it in my notes. I’m not entirely painless. In fact some of the pain was exacerbated within a few hours, but it’s getting better now, and i hope i can be PAIN-FREE. I have tramadol now for the pain, and metoclopramide because it makes me really sick to my tummy.

I am now on 80mg of omeprazole- 40mg in the morning, 40mg in the evening. It’s such an oh-my-gosh dosage because i’ve NEVER ever seen any of my patients taking so much. But i have limited clinical experience, so who am i to say anyway right?

Diving straight back into work, and hopefully 11 straight days of work because i need to make up for 2 days over the weekend.

It’s hilarious. I was just speaking to my rheumy and the rheumy registrar today about how my teacher wanted her to verbally ‘certify’ me fit for duty. I mentioned the ward which i am working in, and it so happens that i will be seeing them coming morning because they have rheumatology patients in the ward, including one in my cubicle. Excellent!!! Never seen my rheumy in action out of the clinic! 🙂

I didn’t manage to receive my book-prize on Saturday because i was tethered to a drip stand, and was put on fall precautions and unable to leave the ward. 😦 I hope i can go get it at the HR though.

Heads up, people!!!


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