This isn’t good at all. The 60mg of triamcinolone i got last Monday is now KAPUT. 6 short days of relief, and the synovitis is slowly creeping its way back into most of all my shoulders, and all other joints as well.

The tramadol isn’t even easing the pain, i found. The inflammation is still there i guess, and that is why the pain is unrelenting. I used ketoprofen patches(Ketotop) on my wrists, but its efficacy is very limited.

I hate the pain. I want to go back on my diclofenac. I want my short burst of prednisolone. I want cortisone injections into my shoulders. I want to be rid of the unrelenting pain. *aargh* What the hell, seriously.

I hate mirtazapine with a vengeance cos’ it makes you FAT FAT FAT. It is even worse than prednisolone in making you gain weight. And just by defaulting on it, the kilos dropped a fair bit. I’m not taking mirtazapine ever again. NEVER.

2 appointments to keep this week. Whoever has clinics strictly on Wednesday afternoons? Well apparently the surgical team does, and i do not have much of a choice but to change my shift just to go for the appontment. I am still short of an appointment with the other rheumy, and i am upset because i was supposed to be discharged with an extra appointment. Apparently not. So i will stomp down to the clinic, and ask that i be given an appointment. I already have all my blood tests Aurora-ed for goodness sake!

6 more days of Gerontology posting in the geriatric ward and off i go on to my PRCP in the medical cardiothoracic ward.

Hang in there, girl!


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