Analgesics are for naught

I have come to a conclusion.

Analgesics are not the solution to inflammatory pain.

I could take tramadol, codeine, Anarex and amitriptyline and i would still be in pain. Ketoprofen plasters do almost nothing for the pain, and neither do topical diclofenac and ketoprofen work. The stiffness and the bogginess in my joints are still there as well, and i can totally feel it.

There isn’t much of a reason why i should be in quite a flare these days. My MTX has been upped. I have tramadol and codeine for the pain. The only other thing that has changed is the absence of diclofenac in my daily medication regimen. And that is enough to cause an extended flare? i’m still putting a hold on prednisolone and diclofenac. But i know i will return to them if i should one day have had enough of the pain.

The next time i see the rheumy, i will ask for steroid shots in my shoulders because they’re unrelenting and unforgiving. And i will ask if i can go back onto 3g of sulfasalazine. I didn’t like sulfasalazine because of the twice a day dosing, but at least the triple DMARD therapy worked without exhorbitant leflunomide.

*le sigh*

C’mon Steph!!! Don’t let the pain bring you down!!! 😦


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