It’s all about choices, and the choices we make isn’t it?

You could argue that there are many external influences and forces which we have no say in. But then again it ultimately still lies in ourselves- the choices and decisions we make, and what we decide to do with it after that.

(Slapping my own mouth as I say these.)

It’s a choice I’m making by choosing to be adherent to my medications, or to be otherwise.

It’s a choice I am making by choosing to eat and overeat, and then lamenting that I am a pig.

It’s a choice I am making to stay up to use the laptop, or to use the time prudently to catch up on good sleep.

It’s a choice I made to feel utterly disappointed after I committed a mistake. It’s a choice I made by allowing myself to be defeated.

We always have a choice in everything. But we may not have the capacity to do what’s necessarily right or good for us. And that is why we need people around us to gently nudge us to the right direction. That can only happen if you can first realize that something is not quite right. That you need help.

Of course there are things which we are entirely helpless about. But I guess we have the choice to decide how we react and respond to the situation.

That said, I wish I had a choice in deciding the path which I must walk through. I wish that non of these happened. I wish that I can still graduate with my peers. I wish I could be stronger.

But I guess that the only thing I can do now is to choose what I am going to make of all my experiences, and put it to good use.

Easier said than done. No?

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